Bootcamp Summer Schedule 2013

Hi Bootcampers ! So sorry about last week’s short notice cancellation. Unfortunately Cat has sustained an injury and our insurance won’t cover for such a large group with only 1 instructor – not to mention we don’t feel you would be receiving … Read More >>>

Bootcamp Challenge Workouts for Trainers or Use at Home

Guess what? Time is short for EVERYONE, but it’s not a reason to skip a workout. Recently, I had a crazy day ahead and so I decided to do a cut down workout and decided on one of the12 minute … Read More >>>

Here’s How to Get Sexy Legs

Picture of female doing leg exercise

Are you self-conscious about your legs? Do you dread the thought of wearing shorts-let alone a swimsuit? Maybe you think your calves are too skinny or you hate that your thighs rub together and your buns jiggle when you walk. … Read More >>>

#1 secret to getting boot camp clients and referrals


This is one for all Bootcamp Trainers ! What if you could double your membership numbers in 4 weeks by doing one simple tweak to your current boot camp sessions? Would you want to know what this one secret is? … Read More >>>

Fitness Formula Magazine – August 2012

Online fat loss magazine

Fitness Formula Magazine   Each month Formula For Fat Loss’  Fitness Formula Magazine showcases the latest news on health and fitness, with fresh fitness and wellness articles, new healthy recipes, exercise videos and the latest blog articles. Follow the image … Read More >>>

The Beauty and Burden of Technology

What a little balance will do for your high-tech needs.

What a little balance will do for your high-tech needs. If you’re fully absorbed into the information age, you may wonder how people made it before cell phones, video games, or the Internet. Electronic devices are such a large part … Read More >>>

10-Minute Total-Body Toning

10 minute Body Toning

Simple exercises to tone and strengthen your upper body, midsection, and lower body. Wouldn’t you love to work your entire body with one workout session? There are some great exercises that target your shoulders, arms, and chest; legs and bottom; … Read More >>>

1step muscle building blueprint for 4th of July

Craig Ballantyne : Author of Turbulence Training

Listen, if you’re one of my American friends and off to a 4th of July BBQ wishing you had a little more muscle to show off, then please, don’t worry.(Or if you live anywhere else in the world and have … Read More >>>

Fitness Formula News Letter 2 July 2102

Fitness Formula For Fat Loss News 2 July 2012

Hi all, link to our latest newsletter below. Feel free to subscribe for your complimentary weekly copy. Each week we will provide you with professionally written fresh content, fitness tips, recipes, fat loss articles, and guest broadcasts. We’d love your … Read More >>>

The Atkins Diet

Want to lose weight? Can’t seem to get rid of that belly, hips, or thighs?

It’s still around. Should it be part of your life? Want to lose weight? Can’t seem to get rid of that belly, hips, or thighs? How do eggs and bacon sound for breakfast? How about a cream-based soup for lunch … Read More >>>